Corporate Tax and Business Advising

Successful businesses pay tax. Tax owing is a sign of profitability and timely compliance is simply good business practice. We provide value to our clients through tax advising, compliance and planning so that you can continue to run your business with prosperity, maintain your cash flow and meet tax requirements. We provide other business advisory services as needed by our clients including, and not limited to, budgeting, management reporting, and efficient processes and procedures for business cycles. Our services meet the needs of a diverse client base which includes professional corporations, artists, engineers, manufacturers, importers, construction, real estate, financial services and others.

Tax Compliance

  • Corporate Income Tax Returns
  • GST Filings
  • T4, T5, T4A, T5018
  • Capital Dividend Elections
  • Eligible and Ineligible Dividends

Tax Advising

  • Corporate Reorganization
  • Transaction Tax Implications
  • Salary vs Dividends
  • Employee Benefits
  • Business Expenses

Business Advising

  • Interpreting Financial Results
  • Budgeting
  • Key Targets
  • Efficient Document Retention
  • Accounting Software Assistance

Personal Taxes

Personal tax is an annual inevitability, from the time of your first job, through significant life developments (marriage, children, mortgages, investments, overseas relocations) to end of life events.  You can rely on us to help you understand your tax obligations, consequences of significant events, and special opportunities for deductions, credits and grants that you may qualify for. Our goal is to personally advise and assist you in accessing the best tax situation possible, today, tomorrow and in the future. Talk with us about your specific situation today.

Tax Compliance

  • Investment Income
  • Rental Income
  • Partnerships and Sole Proprietorships
  • Tax Estimates
  • Final Returns
  • Non-Resident Returns

Tax Advising

  • Share purchases
  • Child and Fitness Credits
  • RESP Grants
  • Caregiver Credits
  • Disability Amounts
  • Medical Expense Supplement