Why Us?

Our MISSION is to help organizations thrive by providing timely, efficient and personalized tax compliance, advisory and accounting service.

It can be frustrating and confusing navigating the rules and regulations set by the CRA when it comes to corporate, payroll and sales taxes. For a business owner tax compliance is a necessary requirement of running the business, equal to understanding revenue, expense and profitability. Let our firm help you with the necessities of tax compliance so that you can focus on what you do best; maintaining and growing a successful business.

It’s our job to explain matters such as eligible vs ineligible dividends, taxable benefits, small business deductions, and GST calculations. We will advise you about potential reorganization needs, implications of bringing in a new share holder, and tax implications of selling or purchasing a business. We will keep you appraised of new tax incentives, changing tax policy and grant opportunities relevant to your situation. We will make recommendations on decisions such as salary vs dividends, RRSP contributions vs investments in the corporation, and others.

Let us serve you!

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