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We Help Our Clients With the Necessities of Tax Compliance

It can be frustrating and confusing navigating the rules and regulations set by the CRA regarding corporate, payroll and sales taxes. However, for a business owner, tax compliance is a requirement of running the business, equal to understanding revenue, expense and profitability. Businesses that engage our services not only comply with current tax obligations but have the information necessary to plan for the next year or two of tax payments. This helps business owners focus on the business aspects and manage cash flow.

We ensure your business takes advantage of eligible dividends, capital dividends, refundable tax on hand, small business deductions, GST quick method elections, and more, wherever possible. We will advise you about potential reorganization needs, implications of bringing in a new shareholder, and tax implications of selling or purchasing a business. We will keep you apprised of new tax incentives, changing tax policy, and grant opportunities relevant to your situation. We also analyze tax and cash flow for decisions such as salary vs. dividends, RRSP contributions vs. non-registered investments, equipment lease vs. buy, and several other available options.


Our mission is to help you thrive by providing timely, efficient and personalized tax compliance, advisory and accounting services.

Case Studies

The Business Plan Come Reality

This baker thought he had a plan for a business that would work, but wanted a second opinion.

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From Behind to Ahead

Every year she had significant tax balances to pay and was assessed instalment interest and payroll penalties that she could not understand.

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